2017 January

A Ladder built for Extremes

We are all aware that extreme weather events are likely to occur in the future with increasing frequency. 2016 was a particularly tough year for our emergency services with the Bureau of Meteorology recording Australia’s fourth hottest year and one marked by frequent extreme weather events across the nation. 

Choice of equipment can make a fundamental difference on incident location. 

Fire, rescue and emergency services require height safety equipment which is robust and easy to maneuver. Quite often workers are operating at heights in excess of 3 metres, or in confined spaces in extreme heat or where chemical contact is involved. At times they are also dealing with exposed electric currents. A ladder, therefore, is a vital piece of safety equipment in supporting our emergency services crews on location, and in undertaking recovery and repair operations. 
Branach’s fiberglass ladders are nonconductive, lightweight, non-slip and, used in conjunction with Branach’s patented Terrain Master™, provide superior stability when working on uneven ground.

The non-conductive and non-corrosive properties of Branach’s fiberglass extension ladders provide superior safety in intense heat situations, or where a risk of exposure to live electrical current or moisture exists. 

We understand that you don’t want the efficiency of your emergency crew impacted by additional ladder assembly and operational requirements. Our fiberglass ladders provide additional benefits in being highly durable and lightweight, providing increased mobility and portability for rapid assembly on site.

Additionally, when fitted with our patented TerrainMaster™ base, our ladders provide superior stability on variable terrain. The system’s innovative and compact design features dual leg lengths that can be independently adjusted, enabling a base extension of up to 1.3 metres (up to three times the ladder footing). The TerrainMaster™ ensures quicker setup and enhanced footing stability, eliminating lateral twist and sideways movement.

Emergency situations can throw all manner of curveballs into play. It’s this understanding that’s guided our design thinking in developing a ladder system to meet the extremes.

You won’t find a Safer Ladder.

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